When discussing the word Garena, you will recall that many Thais, especially youths, are familiar with it, as Garena is the name of the cashier generating PC and mobile online games.

superior quality to enter the market So much so that players of all genders and ages should accept Garena’s games until it is only accepted in the country. Asia

Garena is the most popular game camp Win the affection of gamers.

Garena is the name of a huge, well-known gaming corporation in Asia. It was developed in 2009 by a man named Forrest Li and a group of pals who desired to create a massive global play area. Therefore, the name ‘Garena’ was created by combining two English words: the word ‘Global,’ which means worldwide, and the word ‘Arena,’ which means field or arena. was expanding tremendously It is a market leader in online gaming platforms, mobile games, and communication software. This is already common knowledge among Asian players. However, the camp continues to grow and will undoubtedly be able to become a world-class online gaming supplier.

In 2010, Garena introduced Garena+, an Internet-based platform for multiplayer gaming and communication. Before starting to offer popular games through their own platforms, such as Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, Point Blank, and FIFA Online 3, which garnered positive reviews from Asian gamers, they offered games such as Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, Point Blank, and FIFA Online 3. Until the government creates numerous new games in a variety of genres. include the improvement of communication platforms

In terms of communication, the Garena camp introduced the TalkTalk system in 2012, which allows for free audio and visual real-time communication. This method is still being utilized by players to observe VJs hosting programs. Watch numerous game streams and communicate with friends via video chat until it becomes one of Garena’s primary lines of communication. In addition to attempting to develop BeeTalk in 2013, Garena also attempted to create a well-known Thai communication program like BeeTalk. Although BeeTalk has been successfully shut down. However, it was once so popular that it became the mythical dating application of choice in many countries.

Numerous Garena games remain popular today, with tens of thousands of daily users. Including both the game and Garena’s communication technology, its development is unending. to service the players flawlessly As expected as the goal was to be the Global Arena, a great gaming arena in the world.

The ultimate hit game won the hearts of players from Garena.

More than 30 Garena games have been developed to date, and nearly every game has received positive feedback from players since the test system (BETA) or is quite popular. Since the release of new games, our team will introduce you to eleven popular Garena games today. Possibly there is a game that has also captivated your heart. If you’re all set, let’s go!

Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games, with many players still active online. The game will have a third-person tactical-TPS survival open world perspective. In contrast, it is increasingly more common to utilize several views. Allows players to play more easily and score more points as well. Garena Free Fire is entertaining because the player assumes the role of a sniper. Take up arms and hunt down your opponents to become the undisputed champion in the ferocious arena. Communication in the form of teamwork during games is an additional element that gets users addicted to Free Fire. Including many trends that increase the enjoyment of the game until it becomes a game that players of all ages adore.


RoV, or Arena of Valor, is another popular mobile game of Garena that has been available since 2016, but gamers continue to sign up for the game. The system of the game is MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) type that will be a team with other players to finish the number. while plotting to destroy the enemy fort and collect levels Also known as “farming” for the purpose of acquiring goods that boost the potential of the hero selected to play in the current game round.

Playing in RoV takes significant strategy, decision-making and coordination skills to win. In addition to playing in the conventional manner, there are additional options available. In the game, new character clothes are constantly being introduced that augment the character’s capabilities. And there are always free stuff given to players as well. with the charisma of numerous people Inducing players to get to know and utilize heroes effectively in order to win. Before I realize it again, several individuals are already addicted to RoV.

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Contra: Return

From the most popular classic games of the 1980s and 1990s when the name is mentioned. Contra up, many individuals would miss the ambiance of this classic Famicom game console. Garena game, so hurry up! With the introduction of Contra: Return games that utilize the ambiance of Run & Gun games, players will run and shoot in a 3D environment. It features a wider perspective than the original game. As a valiant soldier of the Contra unit, you will wield a variety of weapons to battle the Red Falcon’s army of villains and the aliens that are fighting the world for a fun way to put down your phone.


If you like survival movies or survival. You will adore this game if you are a fan of PUBG or Playerunknown’s battlegrounds. Exciting battle royale game, advance and eliminate your opponents! Since its first release in late 2017, the game’s PC and mobile versions have achieved great popularity. has become extremely popular

Until Garena adapted the game for players who desire the smoothness of the game but do not have a powerful computer, PUBG Lite did not exist. The game’s appeal resides in the realism of its settings and weapons. is a game in which you compete against other players for your survival until you’re the last person or team on the map. Can play alone or with others. The result is a lively and exhilarating playing environment that gives the impression of running in the real world. Per round, there may be only one winner from the 100 participants. It is up to you (or a single squad) to survive the diminishing battleground. Then consume a large chicken for dinner.

Fans of the Blade & Soul Fantasy game Beautiful graphics, must vote for Blade & Soul (BnS), an Action MMORPG PC game with an open world in which players can roam the game’s world to acquire levels for their characters. There is a method for selecting characters from diverse races. and can freely create the character’s look and shape Creating a career in numerous ways

There are no less than one hundred weapons to pick from, as well as a large number of foes that will introduce you to the realm of spear and sword combat. Exceptional combat effects Garena Games offers a Thai-language server to serve Thai people in particular. Since the Open Beta testing phase, popularity has skyrocketed for a second popular online game. Asia

Heroes of Newearth

Heroes of Newerth (HoN) is an additional online MOBA game from Garena with over 90 playable characters. Coordination exists when playing as a team. Forcing players to collaborate and employ analysis and strategy to eliminate the enemy’s base.

The game’s effects will vary from the sound of standard attacks. Since the release of the game HoN in 2010 to the present day, these are the talents with the most stunning visuals. There are still players using the service without interruption. Despite the fact that it has been accessible for ten years. The game is always being developed and updated.

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The Ring of Heaven

ROE or Ring of Elysium is another game played on the Battle Royale computer of Garena. that you must employ skill Develop the abilities of the selected character. And discover a means to survive in a variety of perilous situations, such as battling other players in accordance with the Multiplayer system or attempting to escape from an ever-shrinking environment. And must still find objects to prepare to attack other players and become the game’s sole survivor. The game will gradually push and pit players against one another until it becomes a new challenge. A task that must attract players each and every time they encounter the environment.

Legends of League

League of Legends or LoL is another computer-playable MOBA game developed by Garena. The game has been accessible for testing since 2010 and has since gained a reputation as one of the best MOBA games ever. There is a worldwide battle to win the title and millions of dollars in prize money. Until it becomes the model for other MOBA games to follow, it will serve as the standard.

Classic League of Legends entails devising strategies to annihilate the adversary totally. Players must be able to choose a balanced character for their squad. Or know the playing talents of their selected characters well enough to win. Know how to anticipate and plan. includes teamwork with other players It is regarded a game that combines multiple extraordinary skills, which is why League of Legends is so famous worldwide. Because playing without boredom is possible There are numerous available modes. To kill time when you are bored, play with bots. You can compete in a level-up match or a Rank Match on any given day to move to a higher level.

Dragon Legend is recommended as a game to play on slot machines. Dragon Legend is an easily breakable slot game.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is a mobile version of the PC shooter game Call of Duty that was developed by Garena. to facilitate playability on mobile devices The game will have both first-person and third-person perspectives. Call of Duty is another game that is so successful that it requires multiple independent markets. have distinct personalities Each will has unique powers. In addition, dozens of weapons are available. with authentic shooting sensation There are other game types, the primary objective of which is to survive against all other players, in the style of Battle Royale games.

FIFA Online 4

FIFA Online is considered Garena Games’ most popular football game. The game features attractive, realistic graphics, and the player trade system can be purchased immediately. in addition to gathering points to construct their own players. Multiple sorts of in-game currencies exist. You can trade real money for in-game cash. Enables the rapid formation of a world-class team. Or will earn revenue by employing normal gamers to participate. It is also possible to switch players without spending real money by completing various objectives. Garena adds realism to the game by accumulating players for speculative resale after each match. Anyone who like soccer should create their own incredible team in FIFA Online 4.

Point Blank

Point Blank is an early first-person shooter developed by the Garena camp. Even though ten years have passed, it remains enjoyable to this day. The game will divide players into teams and have them fight with weapons until the level’s conclusion, at which point the winning team will have accumulated the most points.

The victorious team and the player who kills the most foes will gain additional personal points to raise their rank. Or purchase additional game features such as titles, name tags, and more potent special weapons. comparable to game currency As a result, this game is still used by gamers continuously till achieving the God of War level.

Conclusion: Play popular games, register for free, and win real money.

Although there are numerous popular Garena games, such as Garena Free Fire, FIFA 4, RoV, and hundreds more, they are still played by gamers across the continent. Asia However, the winner will only be allowed to accrue points for the purpose of exchanging them for in-game goodies. Not convertible to actual currency Wouldn’t it be great if you could convert your gaming pastime or interest into money that can be used in daily life?

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