PopRocks Online Slot Rating and reviews

Avatar UX is a Hong Kong-based firm that develops Asian-themed slot games for the European market, and by partnering with Yggdrasil, they seem to have produced yet another high-quality slot.

PopWins is a feature exclusive to the PopRocks slot machine in which, upon achieving a winning combination, icons on each spin may transform into two new symbols. This popping effect will only cease if you do not form a winning combination, resulting in a substantial monetary profit in the meantime.

The PopRocks slot extra feature is very intriguing, as the reels may extend up to seven symbols high, providing an amazing 33,614 winning combinations!

The lowest wager each spin is £0.10, and the highest is £30 at the finest online casinos. A very fortunate spin might result in a staggering 72,188-times-your-bet payout!

Playing the PopRocks Online Slot

The first step for a user is to choose a wager (£0.10 – £30), and then it’s time to spin the reels in an attempt to unearth massive prizes! As expected, this game is playable on desktop, mobile (iOS and Android) and tablet platforms.

The aforementioned PopWins feature is the initial driving power of the game, with each spin exploding symbols into several outcomes. The game’s hefty RTP of 96.8 percent is outstanding, and a hot session may result in some very substantial payouts.

The game’s emblems, which include the royals A, K, Q, and J, are based on future themes and include A, K, Q, and J. The A royal may pay twenty times your wager for a combination of five cards. There are also jewels, and the red gemstone is very lucrative, awarding you 100 times your entire wager for five consecutive pairings. You may access the paytable by clicking the three lines icon in the game’s lower-right corner.

PopRocks is a very dynamic game, and as such, it has enormous pros and downsides. Some sessions might be a touch sluggish, however this is entirely countered by the enticing possibility for earning money once the extended reels and features are activated.

Despite the fact that the game may first seem to be quite sophisticated, it is simple to comprehend and grasp for slot game enthusiasts of any skill level.

Features of PopRocks and Free Spins

Without any bonus games, free spins, or respin features, PopRocks relies on the thrilling nature of the PopWins feature to attract players, since it may result in incredible runs.

Poprocks makes up for the absence of Free Spins levels with a plethora of intriguing, one-of-a-kind features.

As previously stated, this game has the brand-new PopWins function, which may result in up to 33,614 ways to win. Each collection of seven pops in the Pops Vault (left side of the reels) increases the multiplier by one. This unique feature is the reason why PopRocks has the potential to pay out up to 72,188 times your wager, despite the difficulty of achieving multiple multipliers.

The Bonus round is where the game really comes to life, and you may reach it by expanding the columns to seven, which unlocks three more abilities.

One Wild is added automatically, replacing a random symbol.

Each time a player earns seven Pops, the multiplier rises by two.

There will only be one new symbol per pop.

Once seven reels have been activated, the bonus round might seem out of control, with cash awards continuing to spin up. This level’s nearly uncontrolled nature is incredibly tempting and may keep players engaged throughout lengthy periods of calmer gaming.

Maximum Win, RTP, and Volatility for PopRocks

Due to a hit frequency of 22%, PopRocks has a high degree of volatility, and there may be long gaps between victories. The default maximum win is a hearty 72,188 times your initial wager, or £866,256.

PopRocks has a high RTP of 96.8 percent, which is a positive trend given that RTP tends to decrease in new releases throughout the industry. This is comparable to the earlier release made by Yggrasil in Vikings Go Wild Online Slot.

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