Critique of the Slot Machine Raging Rex

Dinosaurs have held sway over us for a very long time, and with each new story or historical discovery, our fascination grows. Play’n GO has produced a terrific Jurassic-themed pokie that is likely to win over thousands of players by celebrating everything that roars into the humid air of the jungle of our past and imaginations.

The fact that there are no intrepid explorers to follow in this dino-themed slot machine adds to the game’s appeal. As a result, the game looks different from how you may expect a slot machine with this theme to look. So, there’s no real progress made in terms of aesthetics or layout.

In-Game Icons

Raging Rex’s unique symbols are a big part of what makes the game stick out from other themed slot machines. Therefore, the experience feels far more immersive than games that use card suit images, despite the fact that there are still high and low value icons resulting in varying reward values.

There are a total of 12 icons on the paytable, six of which are considered “high value,” while the other six are considered “low value.” The more expensive ones feature several types of dinosaurs and a on fire asteroid, while the rest are fossilized bugs in a range of colors; only the t-rex and the asteroid activate any special features.


The fantastic graphics that the company has used contribute much to the fun of the gaming; this 46 grid is positively drenched with high-quality, colorful imagery. Less impressive are the game’s controls, which function in the same way as any other pokie: players need to match symbols in groups. Raging Rex, on the other hand, allows for a maximum combo of six. Technically, this should be easy to accomplish, as there are 4,096 possible grid configurations.

That’s pretty average, but we’ll get to the t-rex and wild icon’s endless re-spins and free spins in a minute. To begin playing, select a betting amount between 0.20 and 100 credits to activate the reels. Your wagering amount will decide the value of the paytable icons.

Additional Value

Right this is when Raging Rex really shines. The Rampage Feature is one of several tasty extras to enjoy while gambling; it is triggered whenever a full stack of the t-rex symbol appears on the reels. In addition to the excellent 3D visuals, this adds re-spins to the action when the t-rex approaches the first reel.

For the asteroid scatters, the amount of free games you receive is proportional to the number of matching symbols; a six-of-a-kind combination will earn you all 30 games. During Raging Spins, these spins are taken to the next level, and players can pick between the Wild Hunt and Primal Rage bonuses. The Primal Rage reintroduces a T-Rex to the grid, and the Wild Hunt bonus awards wilds that can multiply your wager by up to x243.


The winnings you can possibly rack up throughout the game are tied to the fact that, as we discussed in the Gameplay section, your stake affects the projected returns. If you risk everything and win, your potential profit is capped at $5,000.


It’s tempting to dismiss Raging Rex as only a visually impressive game, but it offers much more than that thanks to its interactive elements. The bonuses aren’t really original, but there are so many of them that the game feels like it will last a long time. This Play’n GO slot machine is guaranteed to please all dinosaur aficionados, and possibly even those of you who aren’t.

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